Friday, December 30, 2005

Has it come to this?

I'm afraid it has. Because Scott McLemee's review of Margo Jefferson's On Michael Jackson is really worth your time, if only for this description of the Gloved One: "some kind of hermaphroditic, post-racial, trans-human creature from planet Narcissus."

I must say, too, that yesterday's visitor to Cogito, ergo Boom intrigues me too.


  1. I'm glad he now lives in Bahrain. I hope he stays there.

    Some one said to me recently, that he was a disgrace to black people.

    I told her, "Huh uh, he ain't a disgrace to us."

    She bristled at my defense of such a person.

    I finished with, "He ain't ours, he's yours...that boy belongs to you white people!"

    Yikes! Bad Bonnie...bad Bonnie! (There's two of us in here. You'll have to forgive the bad one! LOL)

  2. We love both Bonnies!