Tuesday, December 27, 2005

On this third day of Christmas ...

... let's take a closer look at Dickens's "A Christmas Carol." Hat tip to reader John Carman.


  1. That was a great analysis of "A Christmas Carol". I read the book many years ago. I have all the best versions of the movie (1935, 1951)on tape and watched them Christmas day.

    For the most part I agree with his assessment. As a writer, I appreciate that Dickens found something 'new and fresh' to do with Christmas. That's what makes the book so lasting.

    But he was unconvinced with the speed in which Scrooge changed his opinion of the world. I'd like to admit for your inspection: a Christian conversion...most of the people I've observed 'coming to the Lord' do so with that same abundance of exuberance. We laughing call it the 'Odie" syndrome! LOL

    So Scrooge's transformation seems believable to me and millions of other evangelicals! :-)

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    I'm a Catholic, not an evangelical, but my experience has been much the same. I have noticed frequently that those who have not had a personal religious experience tend to misunderstand what such experiences entail. They seem to think that it's the end-result of some process of reasoning and that once the act of faith is made all doubt and thinking cease. That's not the way it's been for me.