Sunday, January 22, 2006

Welcome to the blogosphere ...

Bud Parr has responded (as have a few others) to Bob Hoover's column about blogging. (Sorry, Bob. This is the sort of thing that happens in the blogosphere.)
Speaking of which (the blogosphere, that is), thanks to the aforementioned post by Bud Parr, I was led to Edward Champion's Return of the Reluctant, which in turn led me to this great post over at Golden Rule Jones, as well as to a blog I didn't know -- Collected Miscellany, which I will now be visiting regularly. That's the fun of blogging. (It's also why this post took me longer to do -- I got sidetracked reading.)


  1. WOW...LOL Bob really got Bud's jockeys in a bunch!!! ROFLOL

  2. Indeed. Now, I am only an occasional visitor to the blogosphere -- an admission that probably will call down on me all sorts of blogo-imprecations from blogo-squatters -- but I read Mr. Hoover's column, and then I read Mr. Parr's response. I have to say, Mr. Parr should have taken a pill, or something, before responding, because it really is a snotty little diatribe. Mr. Hoover expressed, admittedly with a certain aversion, his ignorance of and uncertainty about blogging. Mr. Parr then proceeded to swat that fly with a 12-pound sledge. It would have been at least a little bit better to be a little bit more civil. And then there were all the others chiming in with comments like, "Yeah, that's tellin' 'im, Bud!" It is terribly unseemly, not to mention juvenile.

  3. If anyone dares to bring down imprecations on you, Willis, rest assured I shall stoutly defend you! A wise Jesuit counseled me once that, in verbal contests, it is best to wield a rapier, not a sabre. And Bob Hoover happens to be, not only a nice guy, but a very knowledgable one.