Thursday, October 19, 2006

The real reason Frank hasn't been here the last few days.

It's because he's taken a tip from Dave Lull and has been holed up in a secure, undisclosed location reading every last word of The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online.


  1. Yea...r-rright! Not in this lifetime!

  2. Anonymous4:22 AM

    I visited a very interesting site, they have a vast collection of books which have been categories and are presented to viewers in an easy-to-search format. You should check it out.

  3. This, of course, as Bonnie rightly perceived, was a foul calumny. I actually spent my time reading Owen Gingerich's God's Universe, Francis Collins's The Language of God and Bryan Appleyard's Understanding the Present. I probably won't finish the latter until next weekend, because I have to finish Richard Dawkins's The God Delusion. I also read a good many of Conrad Aiken's poems and a bit of his criticism.

  4. Anonymous4:32 PM

    You've probably read the others from Richard Dawkins, but if you haven't, The Ancestor's Tale might be worth a look, and The Extended Phenotype.

    What's particularly interesting about Darwin is that he didn't coin the term 'Survival of the fittest'. That was Herbert Spencer. Darwin said the term was "more accurate, and is sometimes equally convenient."