Friday, November 24, 2006

Another list of picks ...

... Christmas Books 2. (Hat tip Dave Lull, who also sends along Surprising literary ventures.)


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    My comment Frank is that in April of 2005 you promised me a review of my fourth novel, The Martyrs, which you even bought from, and not only haven't you written it, you made me the laughing stock of the literary community because I proclaimed that a major metropolitan newspaper book editor was going to break tradition and review a self published book, which you told me yourself that you would do. Now I'm watching The DaVinci Code movie and I'm thinking, what happened to Frank Wilson? He disliked that derivative tripe and so do I, but what about a book few could write or appreciate? Frank Wilson, you owe me that review, and I am saying pay up because you promised me you would.

    A critical comment or a slur would be better than your silence. As I told you previously, unless you're seriously ill, or dead, you could comment, even if you found the book unreadable. And in private. My email address is

    Tono Rondone

  2. The year ain't over, Tono - unless we go on strike next week, then everything may be over.