Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just in case ...

... there is a strike, I will be blogging at Editor In Exile. If anyone knows how I can transport my archives to the new site, let me know. Now, I'm going to read.


  1. I've been keeping good thoughts all day.

    I hope this works out for the best.

    Best wishes—

  2. Anonymous3:12 AM

    Thanks for the info, Frank, I have bookmarked it.
    Hoping things work out reasonably for you.
    On the archives, yes you can do it, within the Blogger instructions.
    Essentially you have to convert your archives to one huge post, via a Blogger option to allow 999 days of posts on one page. Then you essentially copy over.
    I did this when I switched from Blogger to Typepad. It worked fine for the posts but not the comments. As I didn't have that many comments I just pasted them in to each archived post manually, but that would be a bit of a pain for you. Perhaps, as you are going from one Blogger blog to another, the autopopulating process will be more seamless.
    Incidentally, I would recommend upgrading to beta first if you haven't already, as they will have ironed out any bugs they knew about for the upgrade -- maybe even the one I mention.

  3. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Maxine knows everything. And, btw, dear MC, I noticed our mental synchrony last night. Interesting!

    Art Durkee -- Loved your poem when Frank posted it, even more when he published it in the paper. Hey, Frank, were you taking my suggestion? That's what I said under the post!

  4. Yes, Susan, surprise, surprise: I actually listen to and take advice!

  5. Anonymous11:22 AM

    A too brief best wishes from me. I hope it all works out, Frank.