Friday, December 22, 2006

More on reviewing the non-existent ...

The last part of this, about the critic savaging books out of spite, is especially disturbing. To sacrifice your critical integrity on the altar of your spite would necessarily call into question your fundamental critical judgment, it seems to me.
As I grow older I am increasingly amazed by the amount of emotional capital people squander. One of the big issues in Philadelphia right now has to do with the awarding of a couple of casino licenses. One of the approved sites is not far from where we live. My wife asked me last night how engaged I was in this controversy. I told her I felt largely indifferent toward it. There are going to be two casinos in the city. I wouldn't have chosen either of the sites that have been chosen, but I wasn't asked to decide the matter. I doubt if things will turn out as bad as the opponents claim. Do they ever? And of course I don't think the benefits will be anywhere near as great as supporters claim. Are they ever?
But I can't bring myself to feel very deeply about any of it one way or another.

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