Friday, December 29, 2006

Naturally ...

... the same week this happens, turns out to be a week when I am so pressed I barely have any time to blog. Thank you, Maxine.

Fortunately, Maxine has been doing yeoman's service, including catching up with the indefatigable OWL: Dave Lull's holiday selection.

But that's not all. There's this, too, which, as Maxine points out, has bearing on the FIS:
The F-word test: first class or feeble? (I confess this strikes me as a rather weak indicator of intelligence, since, if one pays attention to the letters one is ulikely to be paying attention the words, which are they conveyors of the statement's meaning, right? But then, what can you expect from a failed intellectual?)

But why should I link to one post at a time? Go to Petrona and just take a leisurely scroll.


  1. Congratulations, Frank!

    I had missed that about the Small Press Exchange.

    But, also, congrats for going over 200,000 hits. I suppose the quarter million mark is the next biggie. Then it's off to the further unfathomable far reaches of the blogosphere.


  2. Thanks, Rus. I will try to keep my eye open for that quarter-million mark.