Sunday, March 04, 2007

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

... I shall begin, selfishly, with my own review of John Heilpern's biography of John Osborne, one of the best literary biographies I have ever read: A life of torment, given and received.

Patricia Haberstroh looks at Frieda Hughes's latest collection: Poets' daughter faces midlife with art. (An unfortunate headline, since Frieda Hughes is not just the daughters of poets, but a poet of note herself. Moreover, this review is accompanied by Katie Haegele's review of a biography of Assia Wevill, Ted Hughes's second wife. That review has not managed to make it online yet. Jeez.)

Sarah Weinman likes Lisa Scottoline: She makes reader care about heroine.

Katie Haegele's young adult review did make it online: Young Adult Reader | Six guys with special talents, and the onus that goes with them.

During the past week, Sam Starnes weighed in on Patrick Anderson's The Triumph of the Thriller: Book Review | It's criminal that these titles lack shelf respect.

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