Sunday, August 05, 2007

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

... Books, Inq.'s own Elizabeth Fox enthuses about Jasper Fforde's latest: Next in quirky series of time, fiction travel . Don't forget to click on the podcast.

... Rita Giordano is surprised by Tony Romano's debut: Italian immigrants' tale of death and family secrets.

... Leonard Boasberg recommends Kenneth Pyle's Japan Rising: Explaining Japan for Westerners The key: Trends, not principles, are a guide.

... Katie Haegele is impressed by a graphic novel for young adults: Young Adult Reader | Inventive graphic novel for girls explores fear of the future.

... Carlin Romano is unimpressed by a philosophy professor's view of Ingmar Bergman: Failed attempt at explaining Bergman's genius.

During the past week, Jen Miller considered a book about medical serendipity: How luck leads to medical breakthroughs.

Sometime soon they will figure out how to get my review of Per Petterson's award-winning novel Out Stealing Horses online.

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