Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lovely and touching ...

... A Teacher Remembered. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

"... his greatest legacy was that he embodied the true meaning of education - not something you pick up at school and university and are done with, but a lifelong exploration, as natural as breathing, and ending only with the breath."

(Of course, it is a stretch to imagine Nige "at loggerheads with all other teachers," don't you think?)

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  1. Frank, it's funny that Nige's tribute comes along today, on the heels of my having watched "The Changing of the Guard" (1962), which is on my list of favorite episodes from the original "Twilight Zone" series. Donald Pleasance - in his first appearance in America - played an aging (and suicidal) teacher at a boys' school who is reminded by the spirits of former students that he DID make a significant difference in their lives - and deaths - through his lessons on literature, poetry, and so much more.