Sunday, September 23, 2007

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

... I have slightly mixed feelings about Barbara Quick's Vivaldi's Virgins: Musical musing orphans of Venice.

... Glenn Altschuler looks back at when pop music was, well, musical: Composers who set America humming.

... Roger Miller praises one of our best - and lesser known - novelists:
Bold fictions aimed at getting to the facts.

... Michelle Reale is moved by Pia Erhardt's debut collection of stories: The pursuit of love, searingly depicted.

... David Montgomery likes Wiliam Lashner's hero and his latest tale:
Thriller's hero is an everyday guy.

... Sandy Bauers listens to Barry Eisler: A voice that makes a mundane spy caper escapist fun.

This past week:

... Allen Barra liked the book accompanying Ken Burns's latest documentary: 'War' springs from the page.

... and Carlin Romano looked at the virtual Halberstam tour:
Halberstam friends band for book blitz.

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