Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Readability ...

... The Blog Readability Test. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

You'll be pleased to know you only need an elementary school education to comprehend these ruminations. You have to have gone to Junior High to grasp Glenn Reynolds!


  1. Now this is depressing. It says my blog's reading level is genius. Genius? One has to be a genius to understand my blog? Oh, good grief, no wonder no one ever comments. I'm soooo depressed. And it's all your fault, Frank.


  2. Sure elementary school kids can read your blog, Frank ..... and mine, as well ..... but can they UNDERSTAND them?

    As for Beau Blue, I better not even try to read his blog ..... I haven't shown any genius since college ... and THAT was more creativity than ingenuity!

  3. Sorry, Blue, but I'll have to defer to your genius.

  4. Anonymous8:45 AM

    It says my blog's reading level is high school. Should I use bigger words? Or smaller ones?

  5. Both mine are high school, but the Poetry & Poets in Rags is made up of other people's writing.

    I am happy with high school, because no matter what our different expertises become from that point, it is a common ground. If I had to choose, I would probably want it to be core-requirement-type undergraduate material.

    I wonder if after "high school" comes a genius rating. I went back to February, when I had several posts up, and that month was rated at genius.