Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Well, here they are ...

I thought over Maxine's suggestion and decided, why the hell not? So below are links to all the nice things that people have said about me over the past few days (and that Dave Lull has kindly sent me). The reason I decided to compile the list - and I hope I haven't missed any - is that doing so gives me the opportunity not only to say thanks to all of you, but also to make a point that needs to be made.
I read lit blogs before I started this one. Reading them was like eavesdropping on a conversation among book lovers in some vast library. It was invaluable if you wanted to cover the beat, as we say in the business. I was discovering what people who were passionate about books were reading and why. I also noticed that litbloggers wrote knowingly, enthusiastically, and well about books, and that they all had pretty individual styles (surely I am not the only one to notice how homogenized much journalistic prose can be). That is why invited some to review for me. I would have invited more had I lasted longer.
The critical landscape is changing. I don't know anymore than anybody else does what it will look like when everything settles down, but I do know that, thanks in large measure to blogging and bloggers, it will be richer, more varied, and more alive.


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  1. Hear hear to all of these wonderful pieces. You have touched so many people, Frank! I hope you do keep a blog presence. :-)

  2. Doesn't it feel good to be so beloved, Frank?

  3. Anonymous9:15 AM

    There is also a nice post on Thought Experiments (Bryan Appleyard) which I think may have been missed from this selection.
    How to compliment an American

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