Wednesday, June 25, 2008

There is much ...

... in what he says: In his image. But not enough. Temptation accompanies faith. Temptation to pride, arrogance, intolerance. The two unforgivable sins (because, by definition, they exclude the possibility of forgiveness) are presumption and despair. The former would seem to be the more common: "I'm saved and you should be, too, so just think and do as I."

"Always on Monday, God's in the morning papers," begins Phyllis McGinley's "The Day After Sunday."

One reads at a glance how He scolded the Baptists a little,
Was firm with the Catholics, practical with the Friends,
To Unitarians pleasantly noncommittal.

Ah, yes. It sounds so familiar. Hence the conclusion:

Always on Monday morning the press reports
God as revealed to his vicars in various guises
Benevolent, stormy, patient, or out of sorts
God knows which is the God God recognizes.

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