Sunday, July 27, 2008

I didn't know this ...

... or if I did, I forgot: The Big List of Culture Blogs. (Hat tip, Judith Fitzgerald.)

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  1. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Tried to leave a comment for Dan Colman; but, doesn't seem to be working. Thus, if he sees this post, Frank, he will see this comment, I hope; also, these are some of my favourites; so, ask not for whom the blog rolls, it rolls for the(e)se I consider worth their weight in withits (since, when Dan first asked for submissions, I sent him some of my other faves that appeared on the final list). Mebbe he'll consider a trackback . . . One can only hype :) . . .

    Hi, Dan:

    Loved your Pausch tribute. A couple or few more lit/cult blogs I think you'll agree deserve OCulture Exposure (or, An Updater from The Future Later):

    Nigel Beale's Nota Bene:

    Sam Leith's Telegraph UK Blog:

    Dr. Mary Beard's A Don's Life:

    THE Scott Stein's When Falls the Coliseum:

    Roger K. Miller's The View from Graustark:

    Maxine Clark's Petrona:


    L. Lee Lowe's Lowebrow:

    Art Durkee's Dragoncave:

    Rus Bowden's Poetry & Poets in Rags:

    Jessica Schneider's *Skanky* Blog:

    Maestro rob mclennan's Ottawa Blog:

    Dan Schneider's Cosmoetica:

    — Judith Fitzgerald,
    Professional Commentarian