Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In praise of ...

... Belatedly, Beatrix.

On the other hand, this is worrisome: Panting, Lying.

I am fond of frogs and toads. In college, a group of us formed an unofficial fraternity called ΤΏΔ.

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  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Honest to god, Frank, I want you to come up here and see the mutant frog I saw. It's in the pond in the park across from All Hallows' (the Frank Furness-designed episcopal church) on Greenwood (I'm sure you know the place as you used to live around here; pond & park there used to be part of someone's estate, then got sold to the township). I have a plot in the community garden there, so if you come up, I'll give you some tomatoes in exchange for helping me find that long-tailed HUGE frog! I wonder if he's a one-off or if he has siblings, too???

    Now, that pond has been the subject of some other weird happenings in the last couple of years. Someone put goldfish in it years ago that in the fullness of time became massive koi. One afternoon, Allan and I saw Asian fishermen hooking them out -- and doubtless taking them down to Chinatown where they're worth a small fortune. And now the mutant frogs ... Hey, maybe you won't want any of my produce grown just a stone's throw from the crazy pond!