Thursday, November 27, 2008

First Lady Laura Bush in Book-Deal Talks

"It’s been a source of speculation for some weeks now, but yesterday the White House made it official, confirming to the Associated Press that Laura Bush is planning to write a memoir and has been meeting with publishers to discuss the project. Despite the economic downturn, experts are predicting that this will be a significant deal, likely to bring in at least as much as the $8 million Hillary Clinton drew for her memoir, Living History."


  1. Judith, while they were Governor and First Lady of texas, I had the pleasure of interviewing George once, and Laura twoce. For me, SHE is the best thing about the Bush White House.

  2. We know someone who would agree with you a hunnert percent, Jeff; but, details, details! (She's rumoured to be exceptionally down-to-earth and really kind to everyone, regardless of "who they are" or "what they do." True?).

  3. Judith, 101% true. A very gracious woman, who was kinder and more open with 'the press' than those who made up her entourage. Also a woman of great discernement ... she thought my boys (who accompanied me on my interviews) were wonderful ... and who am I to disagree with the First Lady of Texas? :-)

  4. That settles it, then. Frank thinks very highly of Mrs. Bush; and, IIRC, he relayed exactly the same sentiments you do, right down to deploying the word, "gracious," not one he uses lightly.

    Besides, Jeff, if she thought your boys wonderful, that abso-deffo proves she's not one to go against self-evident truths :). Anyone who loves children's all right in my books.

    (I won't ask because I imagine you did; but, I bet the pics you have of those times will make for good conversation for decades to come. Lucky you and sons, too. Good Thanksgiving story, IOW. Thanks.)

  5. They say she's a secret chain-smoker, which, though I don't smoke, somehow makes me like her a lot more.

  6. Y-y-you mean, Frank, I could have visited The White House after all? Mrs. Bush and yours truly could have retired to the chain-smoking room and solved the world's problems?

    NOW you tell me! Doubt Michelle Obama would allow me on the premises, given the way in which she's got the entire nation keeping an eye on her husband to ensure he doesn't sneak a cig when she's not available to play watchdog :(.

    Ah, well; what the hell. I'll just have to sit back, light up a Lucky, and remember the good ol' haze on my lonesome ownsome.

    Warning: Health Canada and the Surgeon-General both strongly recommend you do not take up this filthy legal habit.