Thursday, November 27, 2008

Notable and noted ...

... 100 Notable Books of 2008.

Glad they called them just "notable." Apparently it helps if the author happens to be a Times reporter.

The Times of London's TLS Books of the Year 2008.

I would call Ferdinand Mount's choice the most pedestrian and Martha Nussbaum's the most interesting by far.

Thanks to Dave Lull for both links.


  1. Anonymous11:13 AM

    It isn't called the Times of London, it is called The Times. And the TLS (Times Literary Supplement) is editorially independent of the Times, though they are sister publications (same publisher).

    The New York Times is called the New York Times. ;-)

  2. I stand corrected, Maxine. Though I heard once while I was at The Inquirer that The Times threatened to sue the Trenton, New Jersey, paper for calling itself the Times of Trenton. I realize now that it was because they were calling themselves simply The Times. Which is why the New York Times is so called. Whew!