Monday, February 23, 2009

Quickie Atwood / Bedell Dubai Updata

Prolly a bit late with this; and, for that, I apologise; but, over the weekend, The Guardian featured a (characteristically droll) final few words from Ms. Margaret Atwood concerning the obfuscation and lack of clarification surrounding Ms. Geraldine Bedell's "banning" from the Inaugural Dubai Literary Festival and the alleged censorship ish that caused a great deal of grief for several undeserving parties.

Additionally? In a separate and complementary angle on "The Self-Promo Wrangle," Ms. Bedell had the noive to whine that Ms. Atwood didn't talk to *her* person-to-personally (as if, somehow, Ms. Atwood ought to have so done; we should all get so lucky). Quel fromage . . . One can only feel sorry for Ms. Bedell's publisher, given it's dealing with someone who's clearly, from my POV and IMO (only), one pencil short of a case.

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