Friday, March 27, 2009

Be on your guard ...

... StAnza 2009 - Dangerous Poems.


  1. I have ordered protective eyeware, just in case...

  2. Heh, deemikay, I asked the ed about a bullet-proof vest; but, what with newspapers perishing exponentially, the answer was filed under "CS" (or, IOW, NO!). I'll just have to use you as my human shield, if it comes to that :). Erm, I hope you have a nice bum, LOL.

  3. Hey, not that I'm a stranger to chivalry or anything... but why do I have to be the human shield?!?

    Erm, my bum is horrendous... you wouldn't like it. :/

    (rather worringly, the word verification is "pressed"... I wonder how beautiful my corpse will be with bullet holes?)

  4. Hehehehe . . . Okay, I'll be the shield if you lend me the protective eyeware; deal, deemikay?

    'Sides, I've got a much nicer . . . smile than you :).

    HA! We'll bright-side 'em with our duo-night-glow goggles . . .

  5. Och, now I feel bad... sometimes you just have to be the martyr, eh?

    Quick! Run! I won't let them take us both out... damned, dangerous poems.

    (Quoth Neruda: "Look around — there's only one thing of danger for you here — poetry.")

  6. Nah, I will never be martyr nor victim, Sweetness. Not in my nature. I've been called insane, impossible (why, just this morning, in fact, by someone who should know better because I worked with them), difficult, cuckoo, Charlie Mansonette, and damned near every other insult my many detractors (out of jealousy) can muster from the depths of their insecurity. I donnnn't give a flying fuck.

    I have no enemies, IMO. They will never have me. It says far more about them than it will ever say about me (whom they have never met nor will they, if I have any say in any of this). I just chant Emily and remember we always attack ourselves first, ALWAYS:

    "Assent — and you are sane — , demur — you're straightway dangerous — , and handled with a Chain — ."

    I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees, though; wouldn't you? Can you imagine us crawling around in the dark looking at the shadows when there's light everywhere in this cave in which to bask?

    Nope. Neither can I. That's why I think you're one hell of a terrific guy. K? Over and out, M'Dear deemikay :) . . .

  7. Gee shucks, thanks. Likewise, but with "gal" instead of "guy".

    By "you" I was meaning "me"... my chilvary gene was kicking in.

    10-4 (I've only just found out what that means... I thought I may as well use it once.)