Monday, March 30, 2009

Bravo Rachel and Elly ...

... Rachel and Elly run the London Marathon for MacMillan Cancer Support.

I happen to know, thanks to an inside tip, that Elly's real last name is Irving and that she is the divine Maxine's stepdaughter. She also runs a hell of a lot better than I do.


  1. I see your Bravo and raise you a pair of Kudos :). That's so neat, Maxine. I'd be damned proud and you must past on congrats from all true BITErs. Wow! Things are really cooking 'round our world. Great!

    And, um, er, ah . . . Frank? In no way do I wish to diminish Elly's amazing accomplishment; but, I bet a helluva lot of people run better than you do; might have something to do with that cane of yours I covet, LOL.

    Zoinks. I prolly could run a cane-a-thon against you, don't worry; we wouldn't have to hurry :).

  2. Thank you both! And I think I could pretty much guarantee that I would run more slowly than either of you, if push came to shove (literally, in my case, to get me to don my trainers!).