Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Punk's not dead!

Janine Bullman, who interviewed me last year for her research paper "An Exploration in the Evolution of Fanzines", has just published her first book, and I'm psyched. Punk Fiction is an anthology of short stories inspired by punk. Billy Childish, the author of my all-time favorite novel Notebooks of a Naked Youth, has a piece in it, and the Smiths' legendary guitarist Johnny Marr wrote the introduction. Fabulous.


  1. And just think, Katie. Nancy Spungen grew up in Huntingdon Valley, and her mom owned the Earth Shop in ... Jenkintown!

  2. Johnny Marr was the most incredible guitarist who couldn't seem to do jack shit after the Smiths broke up. During the "Strangeways..." era, I was certain that Morrissey would fall on his ass, while Marr's legend continued to grow with whatever band he joined or created. Flash forward four years: I'm ready to annoint Stephen Street the new guitar messiah, while Marr bores hell out of me with The The.