Thursday, July 16, 2009

Opening Event of The Gathering

The invocation this year was traditional Indian dancing performed by Sujata Nair-Mulloth. Each of her movements a devotion to Rama -the 7th avatar of Vishnu - a human perfect in every way. As I listened and watched - I am struck by the beauty and precision of her arms and legs moving. They themselves seemingly perfect. I feel that the divine has fitfully been invited to dwell among us within the room. For more on Rama:

Keystone President Boehm spoke of the college's legacy. It lives today having started as a memorial to the fallen during the Civil War. How beautiful that those who fought and died to liberate the slaves are remembered by liberating minds over 140 years later.

Gregory Macquire then took the podium and our rapt attention as well. He knitted together the theme of the Gathering - There and Back Again - Time, Place and Story into a tapestry of sage words from other accomplished authors and his own journey from childhood to parenthood. And while his prepared speech was compelling, he was especially enthralling when he answered a question about how his Book Wicked was transformed into the award winning play.

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