Thursday, October 28, 2010

But don't mess ...

... with the Koran: Muslim students in Malawi desecrate New Testaments.


  1. There's an extra dot after www at the link, by the way, which doesn't work until you take the dot out.

    I remember placing a Bible on the floor of my university hall of residence while I locked my room door. A young man rushed up, grabbed the Bible, handed it back to me, and told me I shouldn't leave a Christian holy book on the ground. He was a Moslem. I think that would be the mainstream Moslem attitude.

    Ideological extremists (political, religious, or whatever) of all kinds cause more or less all the major problems in the world.

  2. I totally agree both with what you say about the mainstream Muslim attitude and also what you say about ideological extremists (though you would be surprised how many of those think they are moderates -- extremists being only those they disagree with). My point is that the bien-pensant class can always get all worked up over any criticism of Islam, but somehow always sees denigration of Christianity as an exercise in free speech.

  3. Yes, very true!