Thursday, October 28, 2010

FYI ...

... For the Budding (or Mature) Novelist.


  1. There is a specific purpose in using Final Draft for screenplays -- namely, to ensure that you're getting the technical format right. But one shouldn't need to do this for a novel. The idea of NOT confronting those large chunks of text or the daunting size of your novel -- either on paper or on the screen -- and having some automated program attempt to do this for you is the writing equivalent of falling asleep at the wheel. You can't write a novel on cruise control. It's supposed to be difficult. It's supposed to force you into hard corners. It's supposed to provide difficult strands that you have to resolve. You're supposed to work your way out of all this, toughen up and learn something that you can impart to others in the process. If your vision is so limited, then one must ask if you're even serious about fiction writing.

    But, hey, that's just my two cents. There's no uniform way to write.

  2. As usual, Ed, on the rate of exchange your two cents is worth more than most.