Monday, June 20, 2011

For the defense ...

... AttackingtheDemi-Puppets: About False Narratives. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)


  1. Albeit not a particularly instructive or convincing defense.

    It's just a war of words, in which everyone takes themselves WAY too seriously. The only deep truth on display here is that intellectual battles are so ferocious precisely to the extent that they mean nothing to anyone but the participants. LOL

    I'd have to say the criticism from all sides all contains a certain amount of merit.

  2. Mr. Durkee, you're wrong.
    Obviously, Sarah Palin's 24,000 emails are of interest to more than just the "participants."
    If you count the mainstream media as mere participants, then they're participants of unique influence.
    Wouldn't you agree?
    In this instance we're not talking about criticism, so much as an orchestrated campaign to discredit an individual.
    Once, long ago, in another time, the so-called "liberal" media was above partisan battles.
    (The example of my own brief encounter with influential publications and individuals was simply lead-in to my larger point, and a way to show that I've had some small experience with those willing to present a distorted public image of someone.)
    Thank you.