Friday, October 28, 2011

Thought for the day ...

News is what a chap who doesn't care much about anything wants to read. And it's only news until he's read it. After that it's dead.
- Evelyn Waugh, born on this date in 1903


  1. Whereas the character in the Graham Greene story I just read, who makes a young boy read a 50-year-old paper to him, claims, (when the boy points out how old the paper is, saying, 'There's no news in it'), 'News is news however old it is ... News keeps. And it comes round again when you least expect. Like thunder'

  2. Yes, and if I haven't forgotten, Walker Percy mentions the effect of reading old papers found by chance.

    But in the context where it appears in Scoop a correction to a corrected story, the quotation makes perfect sense...

  3. I guess i dont care abiut anything much then, in his world

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