Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The cold truth …

… Freak Show - Metropolis.

The Inquirer and Daily News are brands built on good journalism -- and good journalistic practices. Their value lies in their truthfulness and reliability.

Philly.com doesn't share those values. It doesn't work under the same rules. Therefore, it runs the risk of pulling the papers down to its level. That cheapens the brand.
That pretty much sums it up. To elaborate:

To put it another way, philly.com stoops to conquer. It can't go all the way down, if you'll forgive the expression, because it is tied to the two news organizations that provide much of its material.It must serve its masters, whose principal purpose is to produce news. It must also get big hits.In the process of trying to do both, it becomes an odd hybrid: a lousy news site and a lousy T&A/Stupid Pet Tricks site.

I know that many will think this is just sour-grapes from a couple of old-timers (I am in complete agreement with Tom, who happens to be younger than I — but has also been around the newsroom for more than a few laps). And so: I call as my first witness: Philly.Com.

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