Saturday, June 23, 2012

So, there ...

... Journal: ‘Self-plagiarism’, repurposing, and other sins — l. lee lowe.

I confess to recycling my own words whenever the need arises. If I liked the way I said something ij the first place, I feel no need to come up with a variant. Of course, I make a point of not recycling other people's words sans attribution.


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  2. I have difficulty understanding the voracious appetite for the new: there are some lines and some passages I can read a zillion times and never tire of them; not only never tire of them, but come to understand them in richer ways.

    Yesterday I stumbled upon an A.S. Byatt piece about a major Edvard Munch exhibition:

    'Lampe and Chéroux point out that Munch came under attack for making numerous copies of The Sick Child. He defended himself by saying that all the repetitions were an act of memory – a continuous struggle with the motif – a continuing work of art.'

    There's lots more in the piece on reworking and authenticity, obviously not a new issue, though one of increasing importance in the digital age, and one which requires a far more nuanced analysis and discussion than mere condemnation of repurposing and even plagiarism.

    Here's the link to the Byatt piece: