Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Who knew?

Naturally JKR does not feel gratitude for being kept alive at a level which was luxurious by world-historical standards; why would she feel grateful to other people who had no choice in the matter but pay their taxes?
And naturally she is not grateful to state officials who make their living (often a very good living) from the job of collecting and distributing such resources.
Instead (since there is no such thing as neutrality of attitude) JKR feels a burning, and apparently lifelong, resentment that she was supported by others at a lower-than-average level for Scotland at that timepoint (i.e.relative poverty - not absolute poverty, where people are in danger of death from starvation, disease, exposure etc), and that she was supported in such a way, and in such a cultural climate, that she was regarded as having low status ('scapegoated and stigmatized').


  1. I read the complete post. I also watched the 5:24 minute video.
    Mr. Charlton has misrepresented Ms Rowling's statements. He assigns her a personality and attitude which exists only in his crabby mind.
    I despise this kind of sneaky diatribe which is designed to leave an impression which is untrue.

  2. I tend to agree, having also watched the video. Her acknowledgment of help from friends and family seems sincere, and I don't discern much resentment in what she says about public assistance. I've gone through some hard times myself, and I was grateful for whatever help was available from whatever quarter.