Sunday, December 23, 2012

A collage-like series of responses …

… Fred Wah: A portrait in his own words (and a few others’) - The Globe and Mail. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

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  1. Thank you, Dave and Frank, for bringing our Parliamentary Poet Laureate to your discriminating readers' attention.

    I thought it so interesting all the influences he cites originate in the US, something for which he would seriously have to answer even a generation ago. Seems we do live in a global village, as my Main CyberMan predicted we would.

    The wonderful thing about Fred? He embraces it instead of disparaging it; and, for that alone, he deserves all the attention he receives. (IOW? I'm with him. You cannot ignore the technological upheaval McLuhan calls breakdown, breakup, and finally, breakthrough.

    He got it right; and, Fred just took it to the next level. What a mind and gentle man. We could not write more differently; but, I have known him professionally for so long, my entire adult life, in fact; and, I admire and respect him for his willingness to enter into such give-and-takes, such back-and-forthings, and such wonderful debates concerning same. He brings it; and, he ain't shy about it, either.

    We got lucky, I guess. George Bowering said it best in the piece; and, for that, for him, I both remain in awe and revere him unconditionally. You know my numero-uno; but, GB's right up there, my numero-tuno Oliver JoyBoy.

    Good to see you all; and, Frank, carry on, Citizen :).

    Love, your global-village idiot . . .
    p.s. LLL? xoxoxoxo