Sunday, February 24, 2013

In case you wondered …

… The qualities the next pope will need.

One of the most important changes in the papacy may be how the new pope connects to the world "outside the bubble of the Apostolic Palace," [Rocco] Palmo says. "There is going to be for the first time in the Catholic Church, the world's great bastion of tradition, a pope with a computer on his desk and a smartphone in his pocket. . . . He'll be informed without a filter . . . and that visibly will impact how he governs.
A very good point. Thanks to technology, the Pope is no longer any sort  of prisoner in the Vatican.

Others think all Catholics should have a say in who runs the church. "I should be involved in some substantive way in decisions affecting my life," says Leonard Swidler, professor of Catholic thought and interreligious dialogue at Temple University. "If we are adults, then we should participate in decisions that substantively affect our lives."
A pretty dumb comment,  evidence that we should be glad that Professor Swidler will not get his wish. The Church is not a democracy or a republic and is unlikely ever to be. It certainly isn't going to become one by Friday. 


  1. How informed without a filter? Or does Palmo imagine that Google is unfiltered?

  2. Well, it's not perfect that's for sure. But someone who knows his way around the Internet is also someone is far less dependent on others for accurate information. Dave Lull demonstrates this on a daily basis