Thursday, May 30, 2013

Biology as destiny...

Are we born to be bad?: A new book explores the link between biology and breaking the law

I don't think so. And this particular bit is something Frank would wanna weigh in on:

But about a month ago, my two boys, aged 11, were mugged and robbed outside a movie theatre and one was choked. Since July, our house has been burgled twice and there were another two attempted burglaries. I'm getting tired of it. I'm thinking, 'What the hell? I should be getting out of here'." "Here" being Philadelphia, where Raine lives with his wife and twin sons.

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  1. Reading this review it seems like the gentlemen really has been affected by his experiences...and so decides free will and social/cultural factors mean I have said before, when pissing on the tenets of sociobiology -- where is all this supposed "stuff" located on the gene? when your sensation of the color blue is quantified (my opinion - never) then we could start exploring this stuff, but if we can't even do that now, then this "research" may be good but his conclusions bad (and as a lifelong Philadelphian I feel bad for him but "here" isn't what he thinks it is. Kind of interesting - he generalizes form his particular to the general -- which is what my criticism of his conclusions are too.)