Sunday, December 29, 2013

Machines better learn to read then ...


  1. I would be interesting if the study went beyond the single novel. What would be the research results with different novels? I cannot imagine reading a J. D. Robb novel has the same effects as a Jane Austen novel. Of course, perhaps the content is less important than the process. In any case, now knowing that reading is actually good for the mind, I will not give up on reading. Well, I wasn't about to stop anyway. Now you have given me another reason to justify my solitary praxis. BTW . . . Happy New Year from the Redneck Rivera . . .

  2. Very detailed and well searched article, furnished with interesting information. i am volunteering my services at a school working for poor kids, according to my experience there, learning needs consistent efforts. one cant be improved if wont work on daily bases.
    secondly, In classroom, student have to follow the flow. whereas at home, they learn when they are ready to acquire. they are not forced to learn. i am a single parent, homeschooling two kids. i have experienced it that you can't convey a kid if you are in a rush. they need time to absorb stuff. but, once they are done with these stage, their understanding grows and inventively they give results. this strategy help kids read.