Monday, December 30, 2013

The Dunbar number

Over the past two decades, [Dunbar] and other like-minded researchers have discovered groupings of 150 nearly everywhere they looked.

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  1. Now that's really interesting! My mind starts racing toward the idea of somehow finding limits upon government within the 150-rule. Perhaps Congress should work only 150 days a year. Perhaps the federal government as a whole should be limited to 150 laws, rules, or regulations per year. Perhaps all laws, rules, and regulations should be limited to 150 words. Well, as you must notice, I am on an anti-government rant-and-rave today. Your posting simply provoked some bizarre notions. Have a great day! And, BTW, I continue to be impressed by all that you, Frank, Jesse, and Vikram manage to accomplish at Books, Inq. Keep it up, and have a great new year!