Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Just a thought …

Until it happens, about the only thing we know for sure about death is that it is sure to happen. You  figure this out pretty early in life, but pay increasing attention to it the longer you stay in the game. If you think there's a Someone behind it all, you may be inclined to cry for help. And even if you don't think there's a Someone, you may still feel an urge to wish there was, and might even cast out a cry just to make sure there isn't. It makes no difference, because there's something else about death we can probably be sure of: When it happens — by yourself or with others, with pain or in bliss, expected or not, quickly or not — it will involve a custom-made fitting. Like any fitting, it will largely depend on faith and judgment.


  1. Indeed!
    Perhaps this is worthwhile:

  2. A good way of putting it.