Monday, March 31, 2014

Owls, hysteria, and the miracle of sound …

… Dabbler Diary – For the birds � The Dabbler. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

So books haven't been banned from English prisons after all. Hell, even the ones The Inquirer ships to Philadelphia's prisons are sorted. No need to pass along a how-to on gun construction. The authors in high dudgeon come off rather poorly:

By the time the Howard League had pushed the banned-books meme up the ladder from the Twitterati via the Chatterati to the Literati (Salman Rushie! Carol Anne Duffy the Poet Laureate!), half the celebs and authors tweeting their ‘shelfies’ or standing proudly  to declaim poems outside Pentonville would have convinced even themselves that prior to this ban they were constantly in the habit of sending improving literature to various prison lags for the good of society. 
Of course, few of them have probably ever got to know a certified criminal.

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