Thursday, August 14, 2014

Enter the Cliffies …

Here is an email I just received that think will interest a lot of people (posted with permission):

There will be the world's first CLI FI MOVIE
AWARDS event in March 2015, which I am setting up now at a small
liberal arts college in the MidWest of the USA, on the sidelines of

its annual film festival, with the annual awards to be hosted and
presented by this college, with students running the awards ceremony in
conjunction with professors running the film festival. It will be
called...THE CLIFFIES. Prepare! Nominations are already being
accepted for the 2015 event for movies released in 2014. Send
nominations to — I just received word today from the college, and it's official.


  1. Thanks for boost! DB

  2. LINK for earlier news:

    Preliminary planning is underway for “Cli-Fi Movie Awards”

    After creating and popularizing the rising new genre of ”cli-fi” (novels and movies about climate change and global warming) and pushing the meme into the pages of the New York Times, Time magazine and NPR, I am now in the process of setting up a new Hollywood film awards event I call the ”Cliffies” for now: ”Cli-Fi movies that matter.”

    The informal name of the awards event, to be held annually pre-Oscars, and televised or video-streamed from a Los Angeles venue, is “The Cli-Fi Movie Awards.”

    Also read: New York Times Rides Growing Wave of Climate Fiction (Guest Blog)

    I envision climate-themed movie award categories for director, film, photography, music, sound editing, film editing, actor, actress, supporting actor, supporting actress, costumes, and screenplay, adapted or original. What I need now are some sponsors, some funding, an administrative team, a PR consultant and a venue and a date. I hope to get the Cliffies off the ground in early 2016, pre-Oscars, and with news coverage of the awards ceremony and the presenters carried in the major newspapers and wire services of the world. MORE AT LINK with UPDATES AND SEE COMMENTS AT LINK TOO. INTERESTING

  3. 'Cli-fi' movies getting own awards show, the Cliffies TeleRead: News ...‎頁

    see ... Cli-fi movies will be getting their own award show, the Cliffies, a grass roots effort
    to recognize the best climate change movies of the year.