Thursday, September 25, 2014


SO EVERY SO OFTEN I GET DEPOSED...which is the process prior to trial, and occurs when I have written a patent which may be an issue in litigation.  (I wrote about being a lawyer taking a deposition and a most expensive word here.)

The other side may have one or many lawyers, and yesterday there were three opposite me, on the other side of the table asking questions, with a video camera staring at me as well, taking down every flinch, every movement to be studied in minute detail later by the lawyers and others.

The questioner here, and for the past two and a half hours, was a young, new lawyer:

LAWYER: Now, Ms. Chovanes, would you be surprised...

ME (TIRED AND CRANKY BY THIS POINT...Interrupting): My dear I am transsexual. NOTHING surprises me at this point.

She quickly moved on to another area.

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