Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Why Freud Still Haunts Us...

...From The Chronicle:

"Sigmund became a Freudian when he created the model of an interpreter who showed how our actions and words indirectly expressed conflicts of desire of which we were unaware. The conflicts among our desires never disappeared; they became the fuel of our histories. Making sense of those conflicts, understanding our desires, he thought, gave us an opportunity to give our stories—our histories—meaning."

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  1. Perhaps Freud overdid it by validating desire as an uncontrollable aspect of human existence. Moreover, most psychologists and psychiatrists have put Freud in the rear view mirror of their science. Finally, one wonders what Freud would have become had he lived in a more enlightened (?) world in which so much psychotherapy can be accomplished through pharmaceuticals. Perhaps he could have written a prescription for himself to help him with his obsessions.