Sunday, February 22, 2015

A must-read for sure …

… Bryan Appleyard — The Epic Fail of the Tech Elites. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

This is an excellent piece, a real work of journalistic art. I think Keen misses his own point in thinking there is a political solution to the problem he has identified. Politics is about power. Contemporary governance is far behind in knowing what is going on precisely because its operatives think almost exclusively in terms of threadbare categories. Hence, it can offer no creative response to any of this, just the usual tax and regulate nostrums. The revision of the food recommendations in this country recently demonstrates how well that has worked out. In short, governments are as much entrapped by all this as we are individually.
History is the chronicle of people forming groups and jockeying for power. They always advertise themselves as having the best interests of most people at heart. Most at heart they have their own best interests. The left and right dichotomy is a false disjunction. Communism and fascism were socialist variants. What is important to note about the denizens of the Battery Club is that they may well be changing the rules of political engagement. Government as currently manifested is about as suited for meeting that challenge as a Model T would be in a NASCAR race.

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