Friday, July 24, 2015

Umm...Hi St. Peter? strike the right note? I tussled with this question until I came across a masterclass from Retired US Lieutenant-General William Boykin, addressing a conference of apocalyptic Christian Zionists in April 2008. He is a man who knows how to present himself to the Almighty.
Here’s the way I want to show up at the gates of heaven. I want to come skidding in there on all fours. I want to be slipping and sliding and I want to hit the gates of heaven with a bang. And when I stand up, when I stand before Christ, I want there to be blood on my knees, and my elbows. I want to be covered with mud. And I want to be standing there with a ragged breastplate of righteousness, and a spear in my hand. And I want to say, “Look at me, Jesus, I’ve been in the battles, I’ve been fighting for you!”
a/k/a a guy's approach...

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