Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Arguing terms …

… Do you cli-fi ?: ''On the usefulness of the 'cli-fi' genre term in the climate change era'' - an OpEd by Professor Edward Rubin.

Climate change denial remains a powerful force in the United States …
Who exactly denies climate change? Certianly not anyone who is aware  that climate is characterized by continuous change, climate being a chaotic system governed by a non-linear dynamic. No, what some people deny is global warming theory. One of those is Nobel laureate Ivar Giaeve. I trust him on the subject more than I do a professor of law and political science.

That said, I like the term Cli-Fi, and I think fiction based on a real understanding of the nature of climate could prove fascinating. Think of a fictional version of Barbara Tuchman's A Distant Mirror, set during the time when the so-called Little Ice Age was starting in Europe. Very scary that would be.

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