Thursday, May 26, 2016

Another place you skip applying to …

… The Big Uneasy - The New Yorker.

All across Oberlin—a school whose norms may run a little to the left of Bernie Sanders—there was instead talk about “allyship”: a more contemporary answer to the challenges of pluralism. If you are a white male student, the thought goes, you cannot know what it means to be, say, a Latina; the social and the institutional worlds respond differently to her, and a hundred aggressions, large and small, are baked into the system. You can make yourself her ally, though—deferring to her experience, learning from her accounts, and supporting her struggles. You can reach for unity in difference.

Well, presumably, if you are a Latina, you cannot know what it means to be a white male student. So where does that leave us?

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