Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Upbeat philosophy …

… Bruce Charlton's Notions: The essence of Colin Wilson.

I wrote an entire essay making the point that my identity derives from certain high points in my life. So I guess I'm in some agreement with Colin Wilson, whose writings and thinking I do much admire. But I also agree with what George says in the comments, because I am a Christian and view salvation as individual and residing within the soul.

See also: The Art of Robotics.
Wilson saw, as Lachman writes, not that the eccentric and alienated souls that abound in modernity are shackled by tradition, but rather that they are cases of particularly intense reaction to the abolition of tradition, including a meaningful religious tradition. The “Outsider” of Wilson’s title is, in Lachman’s words, “a person with a pressing hunger for meaning and spiritual purpose in a world seemingly bent on denying these.”
(Hat tip, Dave Lull, who sagely suggested I pair these pieces.)

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  1. Thanks for sharing you essay, Frank. It was deeply familair to me, like a one-piece compendium of the myriad thoughts you have shared with me over the years.