Monday, November 21, 2016

In case you wondered...


  1. Just before reading your article of interest this morning, Vikram, I read this one this, which throws a trump card onto its thesis: Slate: Him.

    It seems we are discussing the new phrase, "Post-truth", as it applies to an older idea. The next trump card will make it even older.

    Just yesterday, Mary & I were discussing wartime propaganda, and how it has "evolved", for instance, the Tokio Jokio cartoons. Hand in hand with such propaganda, comes the emotion of sociocentric-cum-self-righteousness. This is at the heart of racism and other isms, in which truth does not matter any longer, which seems more timeless than post-modern.

    It leads to such questions as how "should" any government, essentially evil or not, sell its people on the decision to go to war. One answer would be, "Not like Bush and Powell did, certainly" -- but to give them the benefit of the doubt, there was no Tokio Jokio.

  2. It's interesting you say this, Rus. When I posted this article on Twitter this morning, I wrote: "Worth noting that the term 'post-truth' essentially captures the heart of politics, and in that respect, is hardly a new phenomenon."

  3. I'll stick with Aquinas: Truth is the conformity of the mind to the nature of the thing.