Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A blog every Philadelphian should read …

 Big Trial | Philadelphia Trial Blog.

Because you're sure in hell not going to see any of this in The Inquirer. I certainly couldn't find anything about Starson Audate and Kimberly Paynter when I did a search.


  1. That top story about the Haitian who was not prosecuted is common in communities all over the country now. ICE is ordered to be extraordinarily intrusive of judgments made at the local level. In Massachusetts, we had the case of the judge who apparently let the person out the back door because ICE was at the front door, interfering with her judgment of how the person being tried ought to be handled. The feds then tries to throw down a trump card saying that she was interfering with them. We are becoming unable to police and punish because of these deportation guidelines. What did you think was going to happen, when the judgments of our courts would be hyper-over-ruled by blanket interference from the federal government? This happens, because a court's sentence should not be made more severe by deportation. A month in jail becomes a month plus deportation. Thus, in this case, the DA's office weighed the ramifications and decided not to prosecute. Similarly, we all know about sanctuary cities. Some cities are not proclaiming themselves sanctuary cities, because of the retribution from the feds that might then occur if self-labeled. They are just being sanctuary cities. These are local reactions to an overlord.

  2. I don't want to see that guy deported. I want him behind bars. But our DA doesn't like putting criminals in jail.