Monday, March 30, 2020

De gustibis non est disputandum …

… The Tin Cannoisseur: The Road back to normal life will be a long one... (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

If you haven't read The Road,  now probably isn't the best time. It's astonishing writing, certainly, but goodness me, it's bleak. "Emotionally shattering", "terrifying and beautiful", "a work of such terrible beauty that you will struggle to look away", said the critics.
Not this reviewer, however. I actually didn't review it. I wrote about it because my boss asked me to. It had just won the Pulitzer and the paperback of it had just come into my office. I was paging through it and making unflattering comments.  As it happens the review I ran — by whom I forget — was not favorable. Anyway here is the piece I wrote.

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