Monday, July 27, 2020

Ah, yes …

… Four Months of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance - Imprimis. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

By now it is impossible to attribute the media’s failure to publicize the facts about the coronavirus to mere oversight.
Every story that does not mention, preferably at the top, the vast overrepresentation of nursing home deaths in the coronavirus death count—above 50 percent in many countries and 80 percent in several of our states—is a story that is deliberately concealing the truth. Casual readers and viewers have been left with the false impression that everyone is equally at risk, and thus that draconian measures are justified.
The media have been equally uninterested in the scientific evidence regarding outdoor transmission. Coronavirus infections require what Japan calls the three Cs: confined spaces, crowded places, and close contact. The fleeting encounters on sidewalks and public parks that characterize much of city life simply do not result in transmission.
The public health establishment has been equally complicitous in creating this widespread ignorance. It has failed to stress at every opportunity that for the vast majority of the public, the coronavirus is at most an inconvenience. The public health experts did not disclose that outdoors was the safest place to be and that people should get out of their homes and into the fresh air.
Maybe that’s why I haven’t got it. I have continued to walk about maskless (I wear one I enter a store, which I think is wise). Of course, I’ve also never had the flu. And lots of walking is good for your health.


  1. It has nothing to do with the flu.

    This post, on a day my son and his wife are mourning the death of her grandmother from Covid-19, and I am still on quarantine for continuous exposure to another family member, for over 6 weeks now, unable to leave the property -- outside a nursing home.

    Maybe that's why we need to do better at social distancing and PPE, mandating it by law and stiff fines in order to the save lives of people who have no wish to tempt fate or have no death wish for thenmselves, family or friends either -- the current count of 149,688 dead from the virus, even if it does not include your family and friends. That number of 150,000 is an indication that now over 200,000 have actually died from the virus -- a death count that is rising. It's a lesson that suddenly when the virus gets to states like Florida and Arizona, they smarten up fast, as if their lives depend upon it.

    Maybe if there is a state where 80% of the Covid deaths are in nursing homes, there's flagrant incompetence in counting Covid-19 deaths outside of nursing homes. Or is it because in those states there is, in addition to poor counting, horrible care of nursing home patients. Every state's figure of nursong home Covid deaths ought to be below 30% -- which is a warning to keep the virus at all costs away from the elders.

  2. Let's be done with all the suffering and dying from the virus. Let's be smart about prevention. Let's prevent the careless and callous from walking among us. Fine them and imprison them. No more dead. No more. It's been horrendous -- even if not for you.